Thursday, April 3, 2014

Making Time

See, I did not disappear, go missing, stop blogging or have some catastrophe of life. I merely did not have time! The last three days have been pretty busy for me at work. I had a response to a summary judgment motion due Monday, a summary judgment motion in federal court due Tuesday, plus a mediation, and today I had the dentist and catching up on a plethora of things that went untouched last week due to writing! See, I work! For those of you who know nothing about the law, summary judgment involves a lot of writing! And in federal court, a huge appendix of evidence... aka time consuming, tedious, but I love it! I love legal writing, mostly because it can lead to oral argument, and that is what I want to do.

But in between all the work and writing some fun did occur. I did have girls' nite Friday! There was wine, pizza, giant homemade PB rice krispie treats, dominoes and Frozen. And then we were all home and in bed by 11pm. I know old balls. Saturday was a combo of work, a run, some yard work... Oh yes, yard work. Funny lil story here.

So, I wanted to mow the lawn before I met CT for lunch. So after my run, I pulled out the mower and proceeded to rev her up! Nothing. Nada. So I phoned a friend and proceeded to try again. Nope. Not.A.Thing. So, I phoned a friend again. We went over like 3 things and then he said: does it have gas? Gulp. Well.... ummm (as I fidget to get the gas cap off) Yeah, well ok thanks for your help (not a drop in that thing). Total blonde moment, but hey I mowed the lawn: all by myself!

I also headed to the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festive, Burgers, Brews & Blues event Saturday night! Fun was had by all! Including photos in the rad photebus (yup, as in VW bus)

mini burgers from like 20 different places

beer tastings, which I  had none

And then Sunday was a run in the morning along the Trinity followed by lunch with one of my best friends from high school. We hadn't seen each in a couple months, and it was so good to catch up with her. Then it was off to the Container Store and Target! Project: Closet organization! Let's  just say, my shoes have new clear plastic boxes, and my purses their own little cubby! I finally took my rug home from my office into the house! And then had some spaghetti for dinner, nothing fancy, but just right!

Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday kinda flew by. But I got to be the lawyer Tuesday, to the tune of filing the motion and brief all by myself and handling my first mediation solo! Small inside joke, by one of the partners I work for likes to tell me to "be the lawyer" which scares the bejesus out of my sometimes, but I guess this proves I can do it when I need to!

Let's just say that all work and no play, makes one tired Sophie.... Seriously, pup slept like this for 2 hours Tuesday night! One little paw just hanging out there.


  1. YAY glad you are back! You go working lady, you!

    Love you festival outfit, you look fabulous!

  2. Glad that you're alive and kickin' and that work and busy-ness hasn't got you down!
    Looks like you had a great time this weekend (gotta love yummy food and drinks and good company)

  3. Be the lawyer, lady! I just know you are great at what you do! And totally understand work being busy - the amount of reading/writing that goes into the tasks you mentioned is tremendous! But glad that you got to enjoy a nice weekend. And super glad to have you back:)

  4. Yay for MSJs and opportunities to grow as an attorney! And yay for fun festivals!

  5. That picture of you guys is so cute!

  6. Way to make me feel bad...I've been slacking on blogging, but I don't have an excuse of a crazy work life and shenanigans going on! Don't feel bad about the blonde moment. I forgot to hold the safety handle down when I was trying to start the mower. It's been too long since I've used a gas mower, haha.


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