Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

I' m going to be brief today, well because I have barely had a second to myself, spent my whole week  feeling like I was spinning my wheels, and my throat hurts. So before this lil night night pill take effect, I give you my 5 on Friday.

1. SPRING - As in finally arrived in Texas! It was indeed almost 90 here yesterday! YAHOO

2. I see this every morning on my lovely 5 minute commute. But sometimes I just wish I could drive right up that ramp and let that tow-truck  man take me to work. Random party of 1 I know.

3. Sophie's anniversary of becoming a part of the family! Yup, my little snuggle bug has been with me for a year!

4. Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival - Le guy and I are heading out to one of the event's tomorrow. Its called Burgers, Brews & Blues. Let's just say he is excited for the brew and me the burgers....

5. Bagels. I have a problem. I like them. And they are just so easy and scrumptious and on my way to work. I like them all (ok so I may not like the one with cheese on it) But its not the best way to start my am, ya know all those carbs.... but man so good, so easy, so warm and toasty covered in smear.... Yeah, its just perfect.

Happy Weekend ya'll!


  1. Love you! Hope you have a fabulous weekend with Le Guy!

    Send some of your spring weather my way please!

  2. Im so envious of your Spring weather! We need it here, BADLY! (Bring some with you on April 11th please!! haha)
    Have a fun weekend with the guy!

  3. Can't believe lil' Soph has already been with you for a year! Time really does FLY! Hope you guys have so much fun this weekend. Enjoy the burgers and brews:)

  4. I like this post! And I love your blog! I hope you'd check my blog too and follow me as well. If you'd like to. :)



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