Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eye Roll and OMG I'm that person

So last night our little city group had a get together with another group. We were uber excited and planned picnic theme. In other words, we had a ton of hot dogs we needed to unload and it was easy for a bring whatever the heck you can for dinner kind of theme. But, I digress.

So, not sure what happened to our lil group, but they were rather MIA, darn it when life gets in the way, but it was good for those of us who were there to branch out and meet new people. The other group brought a TON of people and... kids. Yes, kids.

No biggie, except our group, well all our kids are either of the four-legged variety, in-vitro or under the age 2. We are not used to mini-people running around. It was a tad overwhelming to some of us at first. They run, jump, squeal, etc... I'm all for kids, but when you're suddenly inundated with them all at once and in various stages of activity, it can be a tad disturbing.

Now, the pups seems to be in heaven. They jumped, ran, slid, bombarded just as the kids did. However, I suddenly became that person. I was appalled at myself. It was right there as I finally grabbed a  plate and began to go through the food line. See, we waited. We let the other group and kids go first. So, as I wandered over to the chicken, it was gone. Yup, gone. Nar a chicken tender in sight. And then it happened, I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth and said it. I blamed the kids. I was that person. That person who is not understanding of kids who grab more than they can actually eat and live off of chicken tenders. I gulped. Oh no! When did I become that person?

As I sat down to eat, I did it again! I saw them running in and out of the back doors and with feet on furniture and thought, someone tell them to stop! Gulp!

When I got home, I laid down in bed and had a talk with myself. It went like this: Self, when did we get so... old.... when did we get so grumpy.... when did we get so judgy? Self, we are awful!

It was in that moment that I realized that its so easy to become complacent in your chapter of life.Its so easy for our group the become overwhelmed because we don't experience it everyday. We are good with the baby thing, the dog thing, but the kid thing? Wow, we were humbled. These kids were not rude, they did not willingly cause malicious acts, they were just being kids. They were polite, they cleaned their plates and simply did not notice the door needed a lil extra umph to close it. I was so quick to judge.

But, its understandable. I am not around it everyday. And so I apologized for my actions and judgment and then realized it was also ok for me to and the others to be overwhelmed. We all had a lesson in life. Everyone learned that our church and the world is different for everyone. Someday I will have those kids and want others to understand, and those who have kids I am sure long for the days of being kidless every once in a while and envy my current life.

But, all-in-all it made me realize how easy I am to judge and complacent I have become in my stage of life. So, thank you God for showing me grace and teaching me a lesson. I am blessed to have my life, but even more blessed to see God at work in people of all ages and stages of life. And... I am so not ready for anything over the age of umm 2, right now! Good thing they don't come out at teenagers!


  1. Don't sweat it girl, we are all that person at times. I love kids, but when they are loud, rude and just exuberant I immediately think 'thank goodness they aren't mine'. And I know other women who feel the same or teachers that complain about kids and eye roll constantly too.

    I think it's good you recognize it, but try not to beat yourself up too much. Right now we are on the 'outside' of being a mom, so no matter how much we want it, crave it and wish for it, we haven't been through it to KNOW what it all entails. Once we are there, I'm sure we will be the ones going 'ohhhhhhhhhh kids ;)!'


  2. Oh girl i can so relate!! You have such a sweet soul to recognize your impatience and to ask for forgiveness. I find myself rolling my eyes at restuarants when there are crying kids. Last weekend, we had a toddler next to us and he was so talkative with his cooing but he never once cried. He was loud but when i realized how good he was i knew i needed to chill out. Life lessons for sure.

  3. We have all been there... seriously! I love that you are self aware enough to notice what happened right away, honestly, that is better than most people, myself included at times.

  4. THANK GOD they don't come out as teenagers! I think I will need to be on meds by the time Caleb is a teenager, lol! But for real, parenting is all about stages. I am comfortable with the baby stage right now, but would definitely not be super comfy with 5 and 6 year olds who are rambunctious and energetic. Hopefully, by the time Caleb gets there I will be though. One day at a time. We are all works in progress, and I am glad you recognize that. Don't be too hard on yourself!

  5. So glad I found your blog! I love the idea of you being the real life elle woods! I just started my blog and would love if you could check it out =] Any advice from an awesome blogger like you would be very appreciated!

  6. I think some quality time with your nephew is just what you need to gain

  7. I think some quality time with your nephew is just what you need to gain

  8. I think we've ALL had those moments when we're like "what the heck is going on with those kids???" It happens. You recognized it tho, and plan to try and make a different choice of reaction next time. Learning and growing--that's what life's all about!! :)


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