Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chocolate Makes it Better

Yeah, so sorry I was MIA yesterday. I just had no desire, energy or time to blog. I would say it was because I had a fabu weekend, but alas I mostly did some of this.

As did the pups. I was just exhausted, so I slept. And then I felt like poo Sunday, so I slept some more. I did what I like to call championship sleeping. I think I probably slept at least 10 hours each day.

I did have some fun. Friday was gorgeous here in Texas. So, we headed to a local joint called the Bearded Lady and had some grub and someone had some beer.

Saturday, post sleep-session, there was a dinner trip to Kona Grill, where someone had some sushi.

Sunday, post sleep-session, someone made me Dijon-pesto salmon.

As for the rest of the weekend and my life? I am mourning Duke's loss and the bust of my bracket, but oh well cause who saw Mercer coming?

 And, I was so excited because my iHome died. Ok, so that is not what got me excited. I have been working musicless for about 3 weeks. 3 long, quiet weeks. So, I finally invested in bluetooth speaker. Meet Mini Jawbox. Isn't she cute? And there is dead iHome. Notice she thinks its 6:35am? Yeah its not. And she is perpetually stuck in some Tejano station, so alas, my Jambox rocks! I have my Kiss FM in the morning and my tunes all day via my ipod or phone!

Well, I know its not exciting, but its me. Up this week, more MSJ drafting and mediation prep. Oh, and Spring may creep its pretty little head in here.


  1. Chocolate does make it better and so does sushi.

    I hate working without music too! xoxo

  2. Im glad you got all rested up this weekend--sometimes you just need a re-charge.
    I'll ignore the fact that you like Duke....I'm pretending that part doesn't exist :)
    YAY for workout music again!!

  3. It was a lazy weekend for us too. I loved it!

  4. Lots and lots of chocolate will make it better! Chocolate can fix anything:) Hate to say it, but we were happy to see Duke lose - only because we are Mercer fans:) It was a big deal for our little small town team to beat such a giant. Which then turned into a loss to Tennessee. But, oh well. They had their moment of glory - it was all everyone here was talking about over the weekend! Enjoy having your music back. Chocolate can make it better, but chocolate AND music? Well, that's a good combo!:)


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