Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dogs, babies & Jesus

If ever there was slogan for my life or that of my friends' lives, this would be it. Dogs,  babies and Jesus! This also easily describes that last year or so of my life.

Yes, one year ago today I brought this sweet baby home.

She turned Chloe and my life upside down, inside-out and every which way from Sunday. Sophie is the complete opposite of Chloe. She is wild, needy, whiny, throws tantrums, and wants your constant attention.

Chloe is sweet, loving, calm (for the most part), does her own thing, etc... you get the point. BUT.... They are inseparable. Chloe has loved having a built-in playmate and best friend. They run and jump and play and get into adventurous situations. They are my puppy-girls, and my first babies.


My friends and co-workers are popping these things out like waffles from a toaster! From my bf lawyer at my office, to our paralegal, from two girls in my city group, including my incredible bestie K (who might be the cutest preggo ever!). Add in several sorority sisters, including my little, my first friend at TCU, who just had twins! Its the year of the baby!


We laughed about this at city group, but its so true for me. I have spent the last year + finding myself again. I went from wife to single woman. I went from doubter to believer. I went from living in darkness to stepping into light and seeing and speaking truth. I have embarked upon the greatest journey of life, and its the most fulfilling of them all. I have found that life is messy, and dirty and dark. Humans hide in the darkness by pretending it doesn't exist or by justifying it. We are all guilty of this. I am guilty of this. But what this year and what I have learned is that He gave up His only son so that we could live in the light. He knows we will struggle, but His grace is infinite and loving. I have learned that we are not meant to do this journey alone. Life is meant to be lived in community with others who love us, disciple us, and lead us into the light. So, yes, this has been the year of Jesus.

Three words to sum it all up: Dogs.Babies.Jesus.


  1. This post just sums up you to a tee. Your pretty lil girls are so precious, can't believe it's already been a year with lil miss! WOW!

    I am so incredibly proud of you sweet friend and BOFF of mine. I know 2013 was the hardest year of your life, but you are so much stronger now, it's incredible to read. Your posts are so uplifting and you radiate God's grace and love constantly. I applaud how raw you have been here and how unashamed you are to admit when you falter.

    Your faith is a testament to who you are and what an amazing Lord we have. I am so glad to have you as a sister in Christ, it's a bond that will never be broken :)!

  2. I just died laughing after reading the part about spitting babies out like waffles from a toaster! Too funny:)

    On a more serious note, I am so proud of the woman you've become over the last year. Your life was turned upside down and inside out, and you've come through it stronger in your faith and in yourself. You are amazing! And beautiful! And I am so glad to call you fiend! Let's get on planning a weekend soon!

    Oh, and your girls? Well they are just too cute :) I love that they are polar opposites personality wise, but are BFFs anyways:)

  3. Those three things are better than say Stress, Unhappiness and Crappy people! haha
    It's crazy that it's been a year since you got your pup! It's amazing how quickly time flies

  4. Life can change so much in a year! It's crazy.....


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