Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Blues

Did anyone else have a hard time getting up this morning? Anyone else stare at the clock for what seemed like hours last night hoping you would drift off? Anyone? Bueller? Perhaps it was the lack of anything thrilling this weekend besides pizza and rain and feeling under the weather... But today starts a new week and in less than 4 days I will be headed to DC to see/meet/whatever Jenn & P!nky!!!

I will see I did have the most epic pizza Friday night, of the dessert persuasion. It was vanilla bean marscapone filled with cinnamon apples and caramel.... Yeah, epic. We sat a the bar of Cane Rosso and I delighted in watching pizza after pizza made. And I may have flirted with said pizza maker.... extra apples? please?

Saturday, well was yard day and sick day. It started out well and then ended with more icky feeling ness and wrapping myself in a blanket and watching About Time. Which, BTW everyone needs to see... so not what you think and so good and it will make you want to call your parents.

Sophie also decided to wrap herself up in a blanket and channel her inner ET. If that face just does not kill you, I don't know what will!

And that my friends, was my weekend!


  1. I feel you this morning. My weekend was great, not too busy, got my hair did, but man was I dragging this morning. Must have been the rain.

    OH EM GOODNESS I GET TO SEE YOU THIS WEEK! After 2+ years of trying to plan a blate, it's finally happening! Weeeeeeee!

  2. OMG pizza. Now I'm hungry.
    And yes to the dragging. My students are already driving me nuts. I can't deal with this day haha

  3. The weather here is kinda crappy today so that definitely had me dragging, BUT this week bring SO MANY awesome things that I am definitely ready for the days to keep on coming.
    I get to see you finally!!! And I get to get married. It's kind of an epic combination if you ask me :)

  4. I feel the same way this morning! ugh. Have a great rest of the day though! PS that pizza looks so good right now.

  5. I LOVE ABOUT TIME! In a way where I need to tell everyone in all caps!

  6. The ET picture of Sophie about killed me! Too funny! That dessert pizza? Yah, um YUM!!! Hoping the rest of your week goes by quickly so you can get to DC and have so much fun (make sure to have double the fun for me too!)

  7. I can never sleep when I'm excited about a trip! Especially with those gals...Hey ET...lookin' good!


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